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The giant is preparing to film a huge budget film starring

The giant is preparing to film a huge budget film starring tikkilona. The film’s star acaratikkiratu list. With actor Santhanam
The Indian team’s bowling off-spin bowler Harbhajan Singh was unabashed by the opposition plays a key role. Impressive performances by film fans natpetunai attraction nencamuntu nermaiyuntu picture Anka and took refuge in the chest by a young heroine Shirin both roles. Enarjitik of today’s cinema yokipapu comedian, comedy mixed with villainy atiyansai anantraj interests, kunaccittiram comedy starring the character will bring the importance muniskant, experienced actors Ravi shadows, Chitra Lakshmanan also add strength to the flat comedy Rajendran, Shara cast. Itis a vetamerka famous film critic Alexander Arun Prashant is a role in a film. Tikkilono of all actors appear in the film are the people pitittamanavarkalum paritcayamanavarkal too.

Santhanam three starring roles in the film
Karthik, who helped in several successful screenplays for films directed by Yogi. A few weeks before the release of the film’s title, as long attracted the masses.
Technical timum of the film is better. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music organizer and music songs about the background of the picture is in the field not collattevai. Jom editor impress the cameraman is qualified to serve as example. Man’s feet every step of the way to convince fans to koriyokirapi Dinesh cupparayan maestro listens. Kana director arunraja Kamaraj and caraveti Saran write songs. A. Rajesh serves as art director.

Star Battalion enormous anticipation for the movie intiyala the best technical timum mainly connected. The film is centered purely entertainment feature has received tremendous attention to all opportunities of acquiring.

Studios kejear jerajesum kottappati behalf, on behalf of the Cine mikappirammantam Soldier factory producing the film.

Today the shooting of the film began with prayer. The veneration of the film Man film, heroine Anka, Shirin, producers kejear kottappati J Studios. Rajesh, Soldier Factory cinis attended the meeting. Following the shooting of the film will be held



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