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దుబ్బాక లో బి.జె.పి విజయకేతనం

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దుబ్బాక లో బి.జె.పి విజయకేతనం .

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has yet again widened its lead over CM Chandrashekar Rao-led Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in the Dubbaka by-election results 2020 after the 22 rounds of vote counting.

The counting of votes in Dubbaka by-election 2020 began at 8 am and the BJP is leading with 61,119 votes, while TRS, at 60,061, is trailing by only 1,058 votes. Congress, on the other hand, is far behind the two parties that have widened their leads. Congress has so far bagged 21,239 votes in Dubbaka by-election result 2020.

In the Dubbaka by-election result 2020, 22 rounds of vote counting are over and one more round is left. The Dubbaka by-election result 2020 will be declared after all rounds are done.

Earlier in the day, BJP’s Ram Madhav Dubbaka by-election result 2020 could be a “surprise victory” for the saffron party as the early trends showed the party leading over the TRS by more than 3,000 votes.

Ram Madhav said, “An interesting fight in Telangana between BJP and TRS in Dubbaka Assembly by poll. BJP is currently leading. This could be a surprise victory for BJP.

The by-election has become the centre of a high decibel battle for the ruling TRS, BJP, and Congress in an otherwise ordinary constituency.

The polls have become a prestige battle for ruling TRS as Dubbaka shares its borders with Gajwel, represented by CM KCR, Sircilla — the constituency of CM’s son and IT Minister KTR, and Siddipet, the stronghold of CM’s nephew Harish Rao.

BJP leads by 1,058 votes after 21 rounds of counting

After 22 rounds: BJP 60061, TRS 61119, Congress 21239

BJP leads by 620 votes after 21 rounds of counting

After 21 rounds: BJP 58161, TRS 57541, Congress 20268

After 20 rounds: BJP 55,493, TRS 55,733, Congress 19,423

After 19 rounds: BJP 53,053, TRS 52,802, Congress 18,365

After 18 rounds: BJP 50,293, TRS 50,407, Congress 17,389

After 16 rounds: BJP 44,260, TRS 45,994, Congress 14,832

After 15 rounds: BJP 43,586, TRS 41,103, Congress 14,158

* After ten rounds: BJP 31,783, TRS 28,049, Congress 6,699

* After nine rounds: BJP 29,291, TRS 25,101, Congress 5,800

* After eighth round: BJP 25,878, TRS 22,772, Congress 5,125

** దుబ్బకా బైపోల్ ఫలితం 2020: రెండు రౌండ్ల లెక్కింపు తర్వాత బిజెపి ఆధిక్యంలో ఉంది

* 1,504 పోస్టల్ బ్యాలెట్లను ముందుగా లెక్కించాలి. 80 ఏళ్లు పైబడిన ఓటర్లకు పోస్టల్ బ్యాలెట్ ఎంపికను ఉపయోగించుకునే అవకాశం ఇవ్వబడింది. * డబ్బాక్ మండల లెక్కింపు మొదట చేపట్టగా, చెగుంట మండలం చివరిది * ఓట్ల లెక్కింపు ప్రారంభమవుతుంది

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